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We all have a stake in people living their best, healthiest lives

When people are healthy, they are able to more fully participate in our economy, exercise the opportunity of civic engagement and involvement, as well as pursue their own hopes and dreams. Through Invest Health, leaders from mid-sized cities across the U.S. are developing new strategies to increase and leverage investments and drive community development projects that can improve health and well-being in neighborhoods with the most need.

About the Initiative
Field Building Cities

Learn more about the current phase of our work, Invest Health Field Building, and meet the city teams who are participating in further learning and targeted support.

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50 small to mid-sized cities across the U.S. tackled community development projects to improve downstream health outcomes.

Mid-sized Cities: The Opportunities & Challenges

Mid-sized cities are where a majority of Americans live, and where we often see significant disinvestment and disparities. But these are also the cities that are stepping up as hubs of innovation, centers of civic engagement and incubators of scalable solutions. Hear from Dr. Richard Besser, President and CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and leaders of mid-sized cities as they discuss opportunities and challenges.