Akron, Ohio seeks to develop a pipeline of projects focused on the Middlebury neighborhood, including a mixed-use housing development, a loan fund to foster a healthy rental market, hiking and biking trails, street and park improvements, and neighborhood business district development. They are also working to create a CDFI through the Development Finance Authority. They are a part of Invest Health Field Building.

During their Invest Health Field Building year, Akron seeks to build on their pipeline of projects by designing a comprehensive plan for the development of a specific financial product to fund projects in Middlebury. Akron plans to take steps to improve the community investment system through more effective communications with stakeholders and developing deeper relationships and commitments with anchors, creating their own CDFI, instituting municipal planning improvements (such as the development of a neighborhood plan and passing a rezoning policy). These goals are built on strong impact assessment and measured resident involvement and the subsequent connections to the SDOH.

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