Greensboro, North Carolina worked to eliminate housing conditions associated with the incidence of asthma. They are collaborating with the health care system, housing improvement teams, and local residents, first on a demonstration project and then to scale the approach citywide. They are a part of Invest Health Field Building.

During their Invest Health Field Building year, Greensboro is working to establish a process to identify and remediate housing standards issues existing in several large apartment complexes that have been identified as having serious code enforcement issues, landlord/tenant conflicts, equity issues, and health impacted residents. By building partnerships with current property owners, they will work with them to seek funding (grants, bonds, loans) for rehabilitation of the property or alternatively using strategic application of code enforcement and minimum housing “order to repair” first-priority liens to repair units or encourage sale to a responsible developer. They hope to use this as a tool to more broadly impact the city’s housing system.

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