Over the next 18 months they will join other Invest Health teams in sharing best practices and receiving technical assistance from expert advisors and coaches, along with engaging with other local stakeholders to encourage knowledge sharing.

Akron: The health outcomes we intend to address through Invest Health are obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. The aim is to create a more walkable neighborhood with attractive destinations that will enhance all facets of well-being. Potential opportunities include: retail and coffee shops, adult primary care, collaborative space for social and educational programming surrounding healthy lifestyles and food preparation, community gardening, and educational and skill building resources. Purposeful infrastructure and retail development on the open space has the potential for the greate poor quality housing and infrastructure. The Invest Health team will address the following: 1) reducing the number occupied homes in serious disrepair with lead hazard issues; 2) reducing the number wide open, abandoned properties littered with trash, debris and criminal activity; 3) improving the safety and condition of sidewalks and streetscapes connecting residents to neighborhood assets; and 4) enhancing the condition of infrastructure in city parks and other public spaces.

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