Tallahassee is one of 50 cities nationwide picked for a program investing in public health.

The city is now part of the “Invest Health Initiative,” which encourages mid-size cities to focus on ways to drive health.

That includes everything from affordable housing to access to nutritious food.

Tallahassee has a team involving Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Florida A&M University and the Florida Department of Health in Leon County.

Commissioner Curtis Richardson says the program will cover all aspects of health.

“Be able to work directly in these communities,” he said, “to touch people where they are, to educate people about the importance of good healthcare and getting regular physical examinations, prenatal care for those women who are pregnant or anticipating getting pregnant, the importance of eating healthy.”

The city will get a $60,000 grant as part of the program.

Over the next year and a half, the group will meet with coaches and advisors about ways to improve health.

They’ll also organize a group of local stakeholders to share what they’ve learned with the community.

The team heads to Philadelphia next month to learn more about the program.

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by Stephen Jiwanmall