A coalition of school, city, community and health leaders is administering a survey on health and well-being to north-central Nampa residents as part of a larger initiative to help the area.

“The long-term goal is to improve health in Nampa,” said Karla Nelson, Nampa city community planner.

The area in question is bordered by Interstate 84, Sugar Street, Union Pacific Railroad and Northside Boulevard.

Nampa received a $60,000 grant earlier this year from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Reinvestment Fund to start the Invest Health Initiative to address health-related disparities in north-central Nampa. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest health philanthropy in the U.S., and collectively the foundation and the development-oriented Reinvestment Fund have invested $1 billion to low-income communities over the past 30 years, Nelson said.

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by Lis Stewart